Nintendo Switch: Unboxing And Hands On

I have a Nintendo Switch in my hands and even though I’m not a gamer, I feel proud. The Switch is very hard to come by. My first thought is that it is not as exquisite like other handheld electronics I own, such as the iPhone 7 Plus. Then again, the iPhone 7 Plus is $800, while the Nintendo Switch is $300.

I opened the box and noticed how many things Nintendo puts into the box.

Nintendo packs a lot in the Switch box.

There is the Nintendo Switch console, which reminds me of the Archos media players from last decade. There are the left and right Joy-con controllers, the Joy-con wrist straps, the Joy-con grip, the Nintendo Switch television dock, an HDMI cable, and an A/C adapter, which is larger and heavier than I thought it would be.

The Joy-con controllers fit easily on both sides of the Switch. They don’t feel as flimsy as I thought they would. There have been many complaints about the controllers (the left one in particular) not working, but I haven’t experienced any problems yet. Then again, I’ve only used the unit for two hours — in handheld mode.

The screen on the Switch is fine, but outdated.

There have been people who have complained about dead pixels on their Switch screen, and Nintendo doesn’t think it’s a problem since they believe dead pixels are common on an LCD screen. Yes, they were common in 2010. But this is 2017, and any LCD screen with a dead pixel is not okay. Luckily, my review unit doesn’t have one.

The Switch screen is only a 720p screen, but the unit turns into a full HD (1080p) device when connected to your television set — something I have yet to do. The lighting on the screen is somewhat uneven, but only tech nerds will notice or care. It feels like a screen from 2010, but I have to remember — once again — that is is a $300 device.

I have tried two games with the Switch. The first isĀ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I am not very familiar with the Zelda series and had to watch a YouTube clip in order to even come close to being able to play it. Needless to say, Zelda is fun, visually enticing, and is the type of game you can spend hours playing without realizing hours have gone by. The second game is Blaster Master Zero, an arcade type shoot ‘em up game from the 1980s.

Master Blaster Zero brings back the Gameboy vibes.

Overall, I’m impressed, but not wanting to run out and get the Switch. Perhaps I would if I was more of a gamer. However, no matter how much or little experience you have as a gamer, the main problem right now is the lack of content that is available for the Switch. Hopefully, that will change soon.


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