Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Is Worth $60

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible portable gaming machine, and the Joy-Con controllers that come with it are very good. But once you try the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you probably won’t want to go back to the Joy-Cons.

Sure, $60 is a lot when compared to other controllers. But you pay for what you get, and you get a lot with the Pro. It makes even the most boring games on the Nintendo Switch more exciting. And it makes several games that were ported to the Switch (Atari Flashback Classics, for example) playable. I wasn’t able to play Centipede with the Joy-Cons; the movements were too sensitive. That’s not an issue with the Pro controller.

The Pro Controller really fits my hands like a glove. And the buttons are much bigger than the tiny Joy-Con buttons. There is also more of a cushy feeling when you press the buttons. After using the Pro for an hour, I didn’t feel any noticeable discomfort in my hands like I do with the Joy-Cons. Don’t get my wrong; the Joy-Cons are good too. It’s just that you start to dislike them once you use the Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has incredible battery life.

The battery life, which is listed at 40 hours, is pretty incredible. There’s no real way to completely turn the power off on the Pro Controller, but you don’t need to. Even with a 15 minute charge, you are pretty much good to go all day. Battery power will run down, however, if any button is pressed while the Pro is not connected to the Switch.

Of course, the Pro Controller isn’t just good for the Switch; it’s a fantastic controlling device for the PC as well. It makes games played on ColecoVison, Atari, SNES, and arcade emulators more enjoyable to play. There is confusion in setting up the device through Bluetooth in Windows 10. However, all you need to do is power off the Nintendo Switch to make things work smoothly.

The Pro Controller is definitely portable. However, I wish it could be a little bit smaller. Then again, someone might say that you have the Joy-Cons for portability, and the Pro Controller is for the expert gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming — no matter what size. They are the ones that will attach the Nintendo Switch to their television set anyway, so having extra portable controllers don’t matter.

Even though I’m not one of those “expert gamers,” the Pro Controller is still worth every penny of the $60 I spent. And I don’t worry about a better controller coming out either.

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