New Dell XPS 13 9380 With Usable Webcam Is Announced

Dell's upgraded XPS 13 is now available.

I am a little underwhelmed with the new Dell XPS 13 9380 announcement, but it’s only because I’ve played with 2018′s Dell XPS 13 9370 a lot.

The 2018 XPS 13 added a white chassis, better keys, a 4K screen, and improved processor speed. The only thing one could really ask for was that the webcam be put on top, but the bezels were too small for that. However, Dell has finally listened to customers for the 2019 version.

“But that’s all a complaint of the past because for the 2019 model, Dell has heard our cries and moved the webcam back to the top of the display where it belongs. Praises be unto Dell and its R&D team,” says Chaim Gartenberg of The Verge.

The webcam issue has finally been fixed.

Dell has also added faster 8th Gen Whiskey Lake processors (available  in i3, i5, or i7). There is also a version that supports Dolby Vision. Dell also adjusted the hinge to make it easier to open with one hand. (Thank God! And anybody who has used the XPS 13 will understand this enthusiasm.)

Laptop Mag has the first full review, and it is an enthusiastic four stars.

“The Dell XPS 13 serves up a new color, a powerful Intel Whiskey Lake processor, a 4K display (and ditches the ridiculous “nosecam”) – all in a slim, lightweight chassis.”

Reviewer Sherri L. Smith seems to only be disappointed at the shorter-than-average battery life (at least when compared with devices like the Surface Pro 6 or the 13-Inch MacBook Pro 2018). But that’s what you get when you put so much power into such a thin device. But the XPS 13 still offers up to eight hours of juice, and that means that most people can take the 2019 version of the XPS 13 to work without worrying about leaving the charger at home.

The reason I am slightly disappointed is that I expected that Dell would get with the times and change the aspect ratio to 3:2 — just like the Surface Pro 6. Then again, Dell’s highly-rated laptop isn’t a tablet, and the 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for watching movies, especially with the beautiful screen.

There is no word yet on how hot the laptop gets (the 2018 version got pretty warm). Still, the Dell XPS 13 9380 looks like it could be the ultimate laptop — especially for those who aren’t concerned with pen or tablet capabilities. So, don’t let my enthusiasm stop you from buying the Dell XPS 13 9380. Unless you own 2018′s version, you’ll be very happy.

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