Microsoft’s Outlook For iOS Almost Makes The Apple Watch A Must-Have

Outlook makes the Apple Watch even better.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when I found out that Microsoft Outlook is now available for iOS devices as well as the Apple Watch. One of my complaints about the Apple Watch was that one can reply to text messages using your voice (and the accuracy is 99 percent), but not emails. I knew this capability was coming to watchOS 2, but that won’t come out until October.

I happened to be up really early in the morning and read an article from the Register titled, “Has Microsoft saved the Apple Watch with Outlook update?” The article describes the new software and how it helps the Watch.

“The official Microsoft office mail client for those who have to use Apple products has been upgraded, and the new version 1.3.5 now adds the watch ‘glance mode’ so that you can see your Outlook Inbox or next calendar entry by swiping up from the watch face.”

The article fails to note how important the “voice dictation” aspect of Outlook is, as the feature works almost perfectly. I have been able to reply with long messages and proper punctuation marks just by saying “Comma,” “Period,” or “Question Mark.” This is no gimmick here and the productivity of this app is, perhaps, another convincing reason why the Apple Watch will not flop.

I forgot to mention that Outlook allows you to swipe through your calendar as well. This is something you can do without even looking at your iPhone. I know some readers are saying, “Yawn…so what?” but you have to experience using Outlook on the Watch yourself to see how great it is.

Apple Watch's watchOS 2 is coming soon.

There are those who have valid reasons to not purchase an Apple Watch yet. However, according to VentureBeat, they may change their minds soon.

“The new Watch OS 2 beta continues to refine and bug-fix the OS that will bring native apps, Wi-Fi access, and other improvements to the Apple Watch. The new OS is expected to arrive on Watches in the wild via an update this fall.”

VentureBeat goes on to note that Watch OS 2 is likely to bring new features to the Watch as well as new autonomy from the iPhone — this, in┬áturn, could make the device more appealing to more people. I said this before and I will say it again — the Apple Watch is going to catch on. Give it another year or so.

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