Is There Really A Need For An iPad Pro Refresh?

Both the 9.7 and 12.9-inch versions of the iPad Pro may be getting a refresh. Forbes has the news.

“Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple has three new iOS-powered tablets lined up for release in 2017; an update to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, a price-conscious 9.7 inch model, and the previously rumored educational model with a screen of just over ten inches on the diagonal.”

Sales must have been decent enough to allow for an upgrade, although exact sales figures can’t be found. When I reviewed the iPad Pro (9.7-inch) last April, I said the device was a keeper, and it was — well, for three more months. Despite the beautiful display and great speakers, I found myself using the Dell XPS 13 or iPhone 6s Plus more to watch movies. It was also easier to use the iPhone 6s Plus to surf the Internet since it had 4G LTE built in. Of course, I could have bought the 4G LTE version of the iPad Pro, but it would have been at least an extra $30 a month.

The Apple Pencil provides a smooth writing experience on the iPad Pro.

I can say that the Apple Pencil, besides not being very portable, was the best stylus I ever used on a digital device. If fact, the best use of the iPad Pro was note-taking. Using OneNote felt like writing on a piece of paper. But it wasn’t something I really needed. Still, Apple is expected to release a second-generation Apple Pencil in March.

According to Mac Rumors, not much is known about the new Pencil, but it’s likely that it will have some type of magnet that would allow one to attach it to the iPad when it’s not in use. It could also have an antenna. But is all of this really needed? Has Apple realized that people want an OS X tablet with a desktop operating system, not an iOS mobile one?

As stated several times in this blog, the iPad Pro cannot replace your laptop, although it’s something Tim Cook insisted is possible. I tried a two-day experiment with the iPad Pro. I used it for all my blogging, and not only was it not comfortable to type on, but there were no apps that came close to being as useful as Photoshop, which I still use to edit and size all my photos (including all the ones on this blog). I had to do workarounds, which made things take twice as long.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and I may not be the typical consumer Apple is after. Perhaps the new iPad Pros will have an innovative feature that will blow consumers’ minds away. But the feeling that Apple is living in the past with the iPad Pro just won’t go away.

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