Is Oculus Quest A Hit Two Months After Release?

The Oculus Quest VR headset was released on May 21.

The Oculus Quest has received good reviews from iReTron and other sites. It was released on May 21 and sold out almost instantly everywhere. Content for the VR headset has also been rolling out. So, is it safe to say that the device is a hit? Is it safe to say that the Oculus Quest has pushed VR into the mainstream? The answer is complicated.

Great Reviews

Nobody can deny the fact that the Oculus Quest is the best-received VR headset in existence. The device is universally loved — and not just by this site. CNET gives the headset four stars, with the reviewer claiming it is the “best thing he’s tried all year.” In another four-star review, Mashable calls it “a new milestone for VR.” TechRadar also has mostly fantastic things to say about the Quest. You will have a difficult time finding a bad review out there.

Good Sales?

The Oculus Quest is sold out at almost every location. However, it is not known exactly how much stock Oculus initially supplied. It’s no secret that companies often hype up a product by releasing limited stock, then building PR hype by saying it’s sold out.

The initial stock of the Quest sold out fast.

On June 11, Variety claimed the Quest was doing well, but not doing “blockbuster” numbers.

“Early indicators suggest that Facebook’s new Oculus Quest VR headset is seeing solid sales, but it doesn’t seem to be a blockbuster. Still, some estimate that Facebook could sell more than 1 million units in 2019.”

However, Jack McCauley, one of Oculus’s co-founders, claims that initial sales of the Oculus Quest indicates that VR won’t break through.

Oculus Quest Problems

As with almost any new product, there are bound to be quality control problems. One of the biggest issues with the Oculus Quest is screen flash/jitter. Viewers are bound to see screen static appear once in a while. It’s not enough of an issue to ruin the experience, but it is annoying. Oculus says there is a software fix coming for the issue, but many believe it’s a hardware issue.

The Oculus Quest has some minor quality control issues.

Then, there is tracking. This author and some others claimed there are tracking issues when using the headset outside. However, Oculus makes it clear that the Quest is not meant to be used in sunlight, which could ruin the device. Yes, it’s like a Gremlin! However, tracking issues appear to happen in normal scenarios as well.

A Hit, but Not a Home Run

It’s safe to say that the Oculus Quest is somewhat of a hit, especially since it has moved VR farther into the mainstream than any other VR device has done before. But, it’s not the home run — at least so far — that the VR industry has hoped for. Perhaps we need to give the device a little more time before we call it an absolute success or failure.

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