Is Apple Really Creating A Tool To Help iPhone Users Switch To Android Phones?

A British newspaper wants you to believe something totally crazy regarding Apple.

When I first read about Apple helping iPhone users switch to Android devices this weekend, a big question mark loomed over the top of my  head and even hit me. This is from The Telegraph.

“Apple is under pressure from mobile operators to make it easier for customers to switch between the iPhone and smartphones that use Google’s Android software, amid mounting fears over its dominance”

The article adds that according to a senior industry “source,” Apple has privately agreed to develop an easy tool that helps consumers shift such items as contacts, music, and photos if they moved to an Android device.

My first thoughts: “Why would Apple do this?” I certainly thought I was reading an article from The Onion until I looked again and realized it was the Telegraph, a news source that is more accurate than a lot of other UK outlets.

It could have just been a clickbait article and if it was, it certainly worked. There were many other sites linking to the article on the Telegraph and then, hours later, many sites denying the rumor, but still linking to the Telegraph. Welcome to journalism in 2016, folks!

Thankfully, Buzzfeed has dispelled the rumor.

If you want to switch to an Android device, you'll have to do it without Apple's help.

“On Monday afternoon, Apple responded to reports claiming it is developing just such an iOS-to-Android tool by rather definitively calling bulls**t. ‘There is no truth to this rumor,’ Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. ‘We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great.’”

The dismissal is rather harsh, but effective. However, perhaps Apple could have deflated the criticism to the Telegraph rather than Google, since the company actually wasn’t responsible for the article.

The Telegraph has a thing for writing clickbait articles about the iPhone. In October of 2014, author Radhika Sanghani even claimed the iPhone was — gasp — sexist.

“The problem is that both phones seem to be designed without the female specie in mind. Hardly surprising when 70 per cent of Apple’s workforce is male, but frustrating nonetheless.”

Sanghani claimed to be angry that the iPhone would get makeup on if you wear makeup and then rub the phone on your face. The iPhone apparently has a thing against women’s hair as well.

Unfortunately, the tech industry is turning all tabloid, just like the celebrity industry. I can’t wait to read how Windows computers will now come with Mac OS X built in as an alternative starting in February.

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