iReTron Attends Skyline College Earth Day

iReTron was invited to attend the Earth Day Event at Skyline College in San Bruno. When we arrived at Skyline College, I didn’t know what to expect. Would the student body find out company interesting? How many people would show up? Would we get more customers? The trip ended up being better than my wildest dreams. We entered a beautiful campus with great landscaping. Hundreds of students came to the venue and most of them found iReTron not only an interesting venture but something they would use. They learned how easy it was to sell their used electronics to iReTron and how that would help the environment.  Almost every person said they had some old phone stuffed in a drawer in their room. iReTron provided them a great opportunity. They got instant cash, helped the environment, and got rid of their junk.  One particular lady was so excited she wanted us to partner up with the company she worked with so that we got rid of their old electronics. I really enjoyed our visit to Skyline and fully expect to go next year!

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