iPad Pro (10.5-Inch) Is Still Wonderful, But Feels Outdated

A new iPad Pro may be available sometime in June. Trusted Reviews has the news.

“Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang told investors that the firm will unveil the new iPad Pro in June, when it will also start accepting orders, before noting that it should have somewhere in the region of six to eight million units ready for launch day.”

I posted a positive early-impressions review  of the iPad Pro 10.5 last June, and still stick to my word: The iPad Pro is a beautiful tablet with a game-changing screen (120Hz refresh rate), and using it with the Apple Pencil feels very natural. Fry’s has the iPad Pro on sale right now for $100 off (most models), and it’s a fantastic buy if you can’t wait until June.

2017's 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the ultimate consumption device.

I have been using the iPad Pro for the first time in months today. And I must say that as impressed as I am with it, the tablet feels somewhat outdated after the release of the iPhone X. The main reason is that the bezels on top and below the screen seem huge in comparison to the new iPhone and even Samsung’s new devices. Some may argue the seemingly large bezels are good since it makes it easier to handle the tablet.

The next iPad Pro is set to get rid of the Home button (and fingerprint scanner) and rely on Face ID. I still think the fingerprint scanner provides better security and unlocks devices faster. I’ve been using the X for four months, and I still miss the fingerprint scanner. However, having the extra screen space is worth getting rid of any buttons below the screen, and I can only imagine the extra screen space on a device like the iPad Pro would be even more pleasing.

Will new iPad Pro have dual-lens camera like the iPhone X?

There are rumors that the next iPad could have a dual-lens camera, but would it be worth it for Apple to put one in? Most people rarely take pictures with their iPads unless they work in real estate or showbiz. Perhaps I am underestimating the iPad Pro’s audience.

One thing that Apple will most likely not put into the new iPad Pro is an OLED screen, which would make the device cost a lot more than it would without it. Besides, Apple’s True Tone LED display is just as good, in many ways, as an OLED sceen. The problem with LED screens is that they have an unnecessary amount of backlight bleed. However, this is rarely the case with Apple’s screens.

I still think that those who believe the iPad Pro is a laptop replacement have never used a real laptop. But the Pro is the best media consumption mobile device around, and for the first time in years, I am actually excited about Apple’s new updated iPad Pro. 

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