Huawei Mate X Challenges Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Huawei Mate X is said to be better than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold won’t be the only new foldable smartphone on the market. Huawei has just announced the Mate X, and it is very different. While the Galaxy X Fold appears like a book with one screen as a cover, the the Mate X is just one screen that can act like three different ones, depending on how you fold it out.

Tech Crunch is pretty impressed.

“The device was pretty responsive in a less controlled environment than we’d previously seen it — or, for that matter, the Fold…All of which is to say the Mate X is real. I’ve seen it, and am so far pretty impressed with the execution.”

The article adds that Huawei’s latest smartphone has a nice design and a nice screen. However, crinkles in the display are made noticeable by an overhead light. The only thing that the author wasn’t really impressed with was the $2,600 price.

Chris Smith from BGR believes the Mate X is the best foldable smartphone he’s seen.

“In tablet mode, the gorgeous display looks amazing. It’s an all-screen device with no notch and no camera hole, just 8 inches of edge-to-edge display. It’s a tablet you can pocket that can run between two and four apps side-by-side. And Google, I was told, is also involved in optimizing the multi-app experience,” Smith notes, adding that the aspect ratio of the smartphone is a little bit unusual.

Click to play in YouTube.

Vlad Savov of The Verge says the Mate X has the best first draft for a foldable smartphone.

“This is the most refined design, the slickest and thinnest form factor, and the most sensible use of space that any manufacturer has yet shown.”

Savov adds that in order for the phone to be able to fold, the screen is made of plastic. Huawei’s other phones have a  glass front and rear glass back. He also likes the way Huawei places the cameras on the device. So far, nobody has been able to test out the camera quality of the multiple front and rear cameras on the Mate X.

What’s really interesting about the latest foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei is that it used to be Apple that was first with groundbreaking innovations. That’s no longer the case. Though, you can bet — just as you read this — that Apple is working on their version of the foldable phone. Will it be called the iFold?

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