Get Ready: The Sexbots Are Coming

It was just a matter of time. Technology has given us many things but hasn’t yet provided us with full-fledged robotical lovers. But that is about to change .

A new report published by The Foundation for Responsible Robotics  argues that within the next 10 years, the marketplace could be flooded with sexbots. The report goes a little further:

“It is clear overall that men are keener on sex with robots than women. There are different opinions between scholars about the moral issues of using robots for intimate relations. We have also heard the manufacturers put forward a positive case for robots that certainly aligns with some of the public views and points to groups that could benefit from robot intimacy.”

I wasn’t aware of any computerized sex toys until I spent time in AltspaceVR last year, where on guy told me he had a computerized girlfriend.  I thought he was joking at first, but he went on to describe how he takes her to the beach, talks to her and — of course — does other things. I didn’t want him to get into more details because even though I’m not a moralist, I was slightly disturbed.

Technology has taken over almost every single aspect of life. Kids no longer go out and play on their bicycles after school. Instead, they spend time on their computers, where they can interact with all their friends from all over the world. Now, true intimacy is being threatened. However, some would argue that this line of thought just isn’t true.

“What about people who are handicapped. What about extremely obese people or others who have obstacles to finding someone to be intimate with?” someone asked me in a discussion group. And she did make some sense. Our discussion made me think about how even though the discussion has usually been about female sexbots, male ones will be necessary as well.

Click to play in YouTube.

Remember Gigolo Joe from A.I.? The best quote was when he said, “Patricia, once you’ve had a lover robot, you’ll never want a real man… again.” Of course people laughed then, but did this movie predict the future?

No doubt, there will be some who will argue that this new technology will increase rape and other deviant activities. The manufacturers will argue that rape, assault, etc. existed before sexbots and will continue afterwards. Of course, the question you may be embarrassingly asking yourself now is, “How much will they cost?”

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