Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Both phones have their advantages and disadvantages.

A couple months ago, I would have told you that I like the Galaxy Note 4 more than the iPhone 6 Plus. Now, I’m not completely sure I can support my previous statements. Sure, the Galaxy Note 4 has a sharper screen and virtual reality capabilities. But the iPhone 6 Plus just works better, even for someone who is very familiar with both Android and iOS.

The one thing I missed while using the Note 4 as my main device was Apple’s robust music capabilities. No matter what equalizer you use on the Galaxy Note 4, the music just doesn’t sound as robust as it does on the iPhone 6 Plus. It has something to do with the audio drivers and even though Samsung has improved its drivers from the Galaxy Note 3, the Note 4 still doesn’t have that “Apple” quality of music.

Then, there is the touch keyboard. The keyboard on the Galaxy Note 4 has improved over the one on the Galaxy Note 3. I find myself making a lot less mistakes. However, the keyboard on the iPhone 6 Plus just feels like it was meant for fingertips. It is so accurate that you almost have to try and make a mistake. I can actually type a full blog entry on the iPhone 6 Plus — something I wouldn’t even attempt to do on the Galaxy Note 4 .

The Galaxy Note 4 has a better screen.

The Galaxy Note 4, for sure, has a better screen. The 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution is sharper than the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution on the iPhone 6 Plus. Despite what people say, the human eye can definitely detect the difference, but it’s really not significant. If the iPhone 6 Plus had a virtual reality headset, one would definitely be able to see the difference. Still, it’s more of a pleasure watching videos on the iPhone 6 Plus without headphone since the 6 Plus speaker has “oomph” to it.

The iPhone 6 Plus has slightly better call quality.

In terms of call quality, the iPhone 6 Plus wins, but not by far. Both phones, at least on T-Mobile’s network, provide HD sound that is almost as good as a landline phone (Remember those?). If you aren’t using a headset to make or answer your calls, the iPhone 6 Plus is easier to hold. In fact, the build of the iPhone 6 Plus feels more sturdy.

Another advantage the Galaxy Note 4 has over the iPhone is the stylus and note-taking capabilities. The Galaxy Note 4 really doubles as a notepad. And the fact you can search your handwritten notes is pretty amazing. But the iPhone 6 Plus thumb keyboard is so good that you may not even need a stylus.

It’s not an easy answer to say which smartphone is better. But I definitely can’t say the Galaxy Note 4 is easily the best. It’s not. You should definitely play with both phones a lot (not just for a couple minutes at the store) before making your choice of purchase.

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