Full Review: iPad Pro 11 Is A Tablet Like No Other

 For the purposes of this article, the 11-inch Wi-Fi and LTE version of the iPad Pro, with 64GB RAM, is being reviewed. 

I gave my first impressions review of the new iPad Pro last week and was mostly impressed, even if I felt the hardware was more advanced than the software. I still feel the same, but believe that it’s only an issue if you are using your iPad Pro as a laptop replacement.

After all, Apple keeps touting the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. And many who use a laptop on a regular basis can tell you that, no, the Pro cannot replace your laptop. But what if you just want an outstanding tablet? This is where the iPad Pro excels.

First of all, the display is something to look at…over and over. The reduced bezels (which can be a problem when holding the tablet) give space to an 11-inch screen that is crisp, beautiful, and doesn’t strain your eyes too much (especially if you put it on Night Mode). Then, there is the 120Hz refresh rate, which makes scrolling web pages and switching apps as smooth as butter. You can’t appreciate how great a 120Hz display is until you interact with it.

The most fascinating aspect of the iPad Pro is the A12 Bionic chip processor, which is just as powerful as many of the processors in laptops. This makes the iPad Pro perfect for photo and video editing. It also makes the iPad a great gaming machine. This is why it’s unfortunate that the software doesn’t match the hardware.

Plenty of articles have already been written about how Apple’s mobile operating system is too weak for the new iPad Pro hardware. And I agree with most of the complaints. Can you just imagine how amazing it would be if the iPad ran macOS instead of iOS? But that doesn’t mean the iPad Pro is just an enlarged iPhone.

The latest iPad Pro is far more than just an enlarged iPhone.

If you are purchasing the iPad Pro as your laptop replacement, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you are purchasing your iPad Pro to use as a drawing pad (and it’s the best device there is for that), a multimedia viewer (with the best speakers ever put on a portable device), an e-reader, an internet browsing machine, or even an instant photo editor, you will be more than pleased. Yes, the price tag is too high, but welcome to the world of Apple.

Perhaps the iPad will become the ultimate tablet/laptop hybrid in its next iteration. Perhaps, in 2019, it will be able to replace your laptop. However, for now, the iPad remains the ultimate tablet and media consumption machine.

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