For Once, A New iPhone Doesn’t Receive Fantastic Reviews

It used to be a guarantee that no matter what phone Apple released, it would receive glowing reviews that suggest people camp out at their local Apple Store. However, with the iPhone XS and — especially — the iPhone XS Max, things are different. Part of the reason is the price tag ($999 or more for the XS and $1099 or more for the XS Max). Another reason is that many outlets feel that Apple didn’t add enough new features to justify an upgrade.

Let’s take a look at some reviews.

Wall Street Journal

“Still, unless you are in an iPhone upgrade program or absolutely dying for that Max screen, don’t jump from the X to the XS.”

Tech Radar

“However, the question is whether Apple has done enough to make this the most attractive to buy, and whether it’s enough to stop anyone moving to a competitor. The iPhone XS is good enough in many ways, but it’s not much of an upgrade over 2017′s X, and doesn’t redefine anything the way last year’s phone did.”

Tom’s Guide

“Does the iPhone XS beat the Pixel 2 XL at portraits with its two rear cameras? Not quite. In this shot of my colleague Caitlin, the iPhone XS’ picture looks a bit too warm, while the exposure on the Pixel 2 XL looks more natural given the lighting conditions.”

Don’t get me wrong here — most of the reviews range from four to five stars. But the main point that many of the reviewers are making is that you don’t need to upgrade if you have the iPhone X. If you don’t have the iPhone X and want a new iPhone, they believe that waiting for the iPhone XR is the best deal.

Last week, this blog incorrectly assumed that the iPhone XR isn’t worth talking about because nobody will care about it. But it appears that it may be a bigger seller than both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It’s not a better phone, but it’s a better phone for the price, which starts at $799.

The iPhone XR might be the cheapest iPhone, but it’s not a cheap device. It not only has a 6.1-inch LED screen that displays 326 pixels per inch, but it still has the new A12 Bionic processor, Face ID, dual-SIM capabilities, and other features available on the more expensive iPhones. It doesn’t have the OLED screen or a dual-camera sensor like the XS and XS Max, but you have to ask yourself how important these features are.

Perhaps the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are not being given the praise they deserve. Tune in tomorrow to read my first impressions of the iPhone XS Max and see some hands-on pictures.

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