Four Reasons To Upgrade To The iPhone 6s Plus

There are some nice upgrades to the iPhone 6s Plus.

I have been using the iPhone 6s Plus since Friday and there is a lot to like about it. Is it worth the upgrade from the iPhone 6 Plus? There are some important reasons why it’s not worth the upgrade, but I’ll get to that in another article. For now, it’s all about the positive things I’ve noticed since upgrading to the 6s Plus.


There have been some sites that have said there isn’t a big change in speed and used some vague “benchmarks” to prove so. I am hear to tell you that in real world experience, there is a speed difference and it’s very┬ánoticeable. This is especially evident when surfing the web on the 6s Plus using Dolphin and doing the same with the 6 Plus. It’s also evident when scrolling through pictures; the “blur” that you get when picture isn’t fully loaded barely appears.

3D Touch

At first, I thought this was nothing but a gimmick, but the more I use it, the more I like it. Even though there are very few apps supporting it right now, it will be considered a groundbreaking feature in the future. For example, if I put enough pressure on the Mail app, a pop-up menu appears giving me choices of “All Inboxes,” “VIP,” “Search,” or “New Message.” If I do the same with the “Message” app, the last numbers of the people I messaged pop up. It really does save some time.


The iPhone 6s Plus takes great still pictures.

At this time, it’s hard to tell if the new iPhone camera (12MP)┬áis better than the one on the Galaxy Note 5 (16MP), but it does take better pictures in lower light situations. As for the 4K video, the iPhone takes more stabilized Ultra HD videos, but the Samsung Galax Note and S6′s 4K camera also takes videos with stereo sound. The “Live Photos” feature on the iPhone isn’t just a gimmick; it is really exciting to see a second of video that proceeds the actual picture.

Fingerprint Scanner

If you thought the fingerprint scanner worked well with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, wait until you see how fast it works with the iPhone 6s Plus. Some may think a faster fingerprint scanner doesn’t really make a difference, but when you are rushing to open your locked device, the speedy scanner comes in handy.

So, should you upgrade if you already have the iPhone 6 Plus? I am undecided on recommending an upgrade. Stay tuned for my column on reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade.


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