First Impressions: HP Spectre x360 13 2019

The version of the HP Spectre 13 talked about in this article is the one with a 4K screen, Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD. 

Well, HP has certainly come a long way. The Spectre x360 13 (2019 version) has come across my desk, and I am more impressed than I ever thought I would be. Of course, more use will reveal some faults. But for now, here are my initial impressions:

  • The thought that was put into building this thing is amazing.
  • Top and bottom bezels are huge (sort of a turnoff). However, the side bezels are very small (sort of a turn-on).
  • This thing is so thin — almost scarily so.

The HP Spectre x360 has a very premium build.

  • I love the cut corners on the bottom, especially one where you plug in the AC Adapter.
  • The touchpad is not a Microsoft Precision touchpad. However, there are drivers you can download. It’s worth it as it makes the Spectre X360 much easier to navigate.
  • The screen is great, especially for a HP, a company not previously known for excellent contrast ratios. However, the contract ratio on this is almost as good as it is on the MacBook Pro.
  • There is no backlight bleed whatsoever when testing a black screen in complete darkness.

The Spectre x360 screen is very crisp.

  • I really like the keyboard. Not a lot of travel to the keys, but they still feel very comfortable and you can feel the tactile feedback.
  • The bottom of the device gets pretty warm. But overall, the thermals are great for such a razor-thin device.
  • The speakers are great — equal to the latest on the MacBook Pro 13. Dell could learn from HP on how to put great speakers on such a small device.
  • The Spectre x360 can be used as a tablet, but isn’t the most comfortable to use as this way. That’s okay, since HP doesn’t advertise it as a tablet.
  • I miss the Wacom pen of previous HP devices. The N-Trig is good, but produces some pen jitter like the pen on the Surface Go LTE does.
  • I love the leather case that HP includes with the Spectre x360. All companies should include a case.
  • Even though this is a hybrid device, the screen is still pretty sturdy — not a lot of shaking when typing in regular mode.
  • Photoshop on this works very well. In my full review, I will test Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Battery life is great for a 13-inch 4K laptop.
I will have a full review of the Spectre X360 13 soon. This could be the best ultraportable laptop I’ve tested in years. We’ll see if things hold up past the honeymoon period. 

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Daryl Deino has been a technology enthusiast since 1995 and has written for several newspapers and technology sites. Please reach him at [email protected]
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