Ears On: Apple’s New PowerBeats Pro

Apple's Power Beats Pro is impossible to find in stores.

Well, I still haven’t received my (hoped-for) review unit for the PowerBeats Pro, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go the Apple Store myself and get some ears-on time with them. My official review will come once I am able to test these for at least a few days. For now, here are my first impressions.

  • They are plastic and rubbery, but sturdy. Black buds look better in ears than white ones.
  • The case is pretty big. Yeah, you can still put it in your pocket, but the “Is that a Beats PowerPro case or are you just…..” question will be inevitable.
  • If you drop the case, the earbuds won’t come flying out. (Yeah, that happened during my time playing with them.)
  • It took a few minutes to connect them to my Galaxy S10+. However, when another person paired them with his iPhone, it connected immediately.
  • I moved my head pretty frantically and felt no indication that the Beats Pro were going to come out.
  • But these are certainly not the type of buds that you can instantly put on for an easy fit. Perhaps I need more time with them.
  • The sound is very “Beats” sculpted — it reminds me of the Beats Studio 3, which is a good thing.
  • The mirrored controls are easy. I always find it frustrating trying to use controls on new earbuds, but the PowerBeats Pro doesn’t present this issue.
  • The phone quality seems decent. I need to test it out in different environments. While at the Apple Store, the person on the end said he could understand me, but that I sounded slightly muffled.

The PowerBeats Pro buds fit very comfortably.

  • Unlike the AirPods, there is passive noise isolation. I’m not sure if the noise isolation is very good, but perhaps it was because I wasn’t using the correct-sized bud tips. There is no Ambient Sound function, so these aren’t really the type of earbuds you would want to drive with.
  • I can definitely imagine working out with these. Perhaps I wouldn’t swim with them, but would do everything else.
  • I didn’t notice any connection issues — that may change when I use them more.
Overall, the short time with the PowerBeats Pro makes me want to play with them some more. But I’m not jealous that there is no way to buy them in stores yet. The PowerBeats Pro are decent, but just don’t scream, “Buy Me!” At least for now. 

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