Bose Sleepbuds Prove Groundbreaking After One Month’s Use

Initial Review: Bose Sleepbuds

My first impression’s review of Bose’s sleepbuds was mostly positive┬álast month. I did (and still do) think that $249 is too much to pay. Then again, the sleep that I’ve been able to get with these buds may be worth the extra price. I’m talking about the type of sleep that’s not interrupted — something that is rare for most people.

Though there are many different sound files on the Sleepbuds app, only a few seem to do the trick for me — Shower, Rustle, and Campfire. Rustle, with the sound of wind and leaves, is my default setting. Not only does it mask most outside noise, but I feel that I don’t even notice the sound after wearing the buds after 15 minutes. Campfire recreates a believable camping scene, and I use this setting when taking short naps during the day.

The Sleepbuds are valuable in masking annoying noises that wake or keep you up.

Now, one has to remember that Bose puts a volume limit on the buds, and this is for a good reason — to protect your hearing. That said, they will usually mask your partner’s snoring. They may even mask the sound of cars on the street. The only time they have felt somewhat ineffective is at Starbucks, where music and background conversations can get very loud. Turning the volume up all the way masks out most of the noise, but then my eardrums start to ache.

I’ve noticed that the Sleepbuds aren’t just for sleeping; they are great for relaxation when you are awake. For example, when I feel stressed out, I put one of the sounds on and calm down a little bit. I think that the buds would come in handy for developmentally or mentally disabled adults and kids in certain situations that would help them relax.

The Sleepbuds are not for playing music.

I’m not upset, like others, that you can’t play your own music through them. It’s obvious that Bose made these as small as possible so they could fit comfortably in your ears and last 16 hours on a single charge. If Bose allowed these to be used to stream music, the battery life would be a lot less.

The Sleepbuds win the prize for the device I never knew I needed, but can’t live without. I can comfortably say that the Sleepbuds will eventually take off in a huge way. Thank you, Bose, for reinventing sleep.

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