Bose Frames: First Exclusive Look

I had some hands-on time with the Bose Frames in Los Angeles on Sunday. They are available for pre-order on Bose’s website and are expected to arrive in January. However, I was told that some orders are going to be shipped even sooner than that. No matter when you receive your Frames, you’ll likely feel that your $200 has been well spent.

I can’t give a full review until I spend some time with the Frames, which are legit sunglasses that have acoustic speakers and a microphone for voice calls, Siri, or Google Assistant. But I am more than happy to give you my first impressions from a half-hour of use.

  • The Frames connected very easily to my iPhone — no hiccups at all.
  • They are legit sunglasses that feel comfortable and look sharp. However, I am embarrassed thinking about using these at the gym, which I really want to do.
  • There is a multi-function button under the right frame that is easy to use. I would have preferred touch controls.
  • The sound is good — I could feel the thump of the bass when playing “Better Now” by Post Malone. It’s slightly more tinny (at least at first) than the fantastic Bose SoundWear (may God curse the idiot who stole this from me), but not as tinny as Apple’s AirPods (which still provide good sound) or other audio products in the same price range.
  • The Frames also provide Augmented Reality, which allows an audio experience based on head orientation and gestures. This is something I’ll zero in on more in my full review.

Bose Frames fit comfortably.

  • The speaker phone feature works very well. I wished the other voice was slightly louder, but I will test it out in different environments. The person I called sounded clear, and he said the same for me.
  • The Bose Frames come in two frame styles — the larger (Alto) or smaller (Rondo). I personally liked the Rondo better, but can see why some would choose the Alto.
  • The speakers really do beam music straight to your ears without bothering others. I tested this in a silent area and could barely hear my friend’s Frames, although he was just a couple feet away.
  • This device would be great for gaming.
So far, the only thing I wish for is that the maximum volume could be slightly louder. However, I wore these at a football game, so I need to test these out in different environments. So far, I can say that those who put down $200 will not be disappointed. The Bose Frames aren’t for everybody. But everybody will definitely find something to like about them. 

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