Best Technology Deals Of The Week

There are many great technology deals this week. I will highlight some of them.

Nexus 9 Tablet

Head over to Best Buy now to get the Nexus 9 Android 5.0 (Lollipop) tablet for $359.99 -- that's $40 off the original price. The tablet era may be ending (at least in terms of traditional tablets), but the 8.9-inch Nexus 9 still offers a lot. In a four-star review, Tech Radar praises the display, speakers, and even the price. The Nexus 9 is made by HTC.

Asus X551MAV-EB01-B, Intel Dual Core Celeron M-2840, 15.6″ Laptop

Head over to Fry’s Electronics right now to get this Asus laptop for only $249 – that’s $80 off the original price. It may not compete with the MacBook Pro or a higher-end PC, but it’s almost a steal for this price. You can use this as a secondary laptop, since having just one laptop isn’t enough, right?

RCA 42″LED 1080p HDTV

Head over to Walmart right now to get this 42” RCA television set for only $269 – that’s $180 off the original price. Remember about seven years ago when 1080p HDTV sets would run over $1000? There were cheaper ones, but they weren’t high quality, despite the “1080p” label. Now, with the mainstreaming of 4K HDTV sets, regular HD televisions have gone down in price – way down. RCA created some of the very first regular television sets and HD television sets. Even though this particular HD set only has a 60HZ refresh rate, the picture is still sharp and crisp. How can you go wrong at this price?

Apple MacBook Air 13″ (2015 Model) — 4GB RAM, 256GB Flash Storage

Head over to Best Buy right now to get this 13” MacBook Air for $1099 – that’s $100 off the regular price. You think the MacBook Air has gone out of style since the new MacBook was released? Think again. Not only does the MacBook Air still have a more powerful processor, but you also get three USB ports in addition to the Thunderbolt port. While one may want to avoid using Photoshop and Final Cut Pro on the MacBook, this 13” MacBook Air can easily run these apps. Some people even prefer the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro.

Canon PowerShot SX520 16MP Digital Camera

Head over to to get a great deal on this excellent digital camera from Canon for only $199 – that’s $130 off the regular price. While some think that digital cameras are unnecessary in the age of smartphone cameras, think again. The picture quality on this Canon digital camera, especially when using the zoom lens, easily outperforms the cameras on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Galaxy S6. The Canon SX520 may not be as portable as the one on your smartphone, but the extra weight and space is worth it.

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