Best Products of 2020: Oculus Quest 2, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Surface Go 2

Despite the ravaging worldwide pandemic, there has been some really good products released in 2020. Both Apple and Samsung put out great smartphones, although Samsung wins when it comes to being innovative. Apple’s latest notebooks finally proved computers can do well without Intel processors.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the three products that topped them all this year:

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 proves VR is here to stay.

During the pandemic, virtual reality became more of a necessity than ever. While quarantined, VR headsets have allowed people to gather at virtual movie theaters with family members while also allowing for virtual workouts with virtual instructors. The Oculus Quest, released in 2019, helped make this easier with its portability.

The Oculus Quest 2, which improves on the Oculus Quest in many important ways, was released in October. It’s still hard to find, although random stock keeps showing up in places like Best Buy and GameStop.

The new Oculus Quest brings the promise of VR closer than ever, especially since the resolution is high enough for realistic images, and the new 90Hz rate helps curb VR dizziness.  It’s taken a couple of months, but the software is finally catching up as well.

Galaxy Z Fold2

The Galaxy Z Fold2 (written as Z Fold 2 in some spaces) proves that foldable phones have finally arrived after a couple failed efforts. Samsung’s latest device is a tablet and smartphone that fits in your pocket, although you may want to avoid keeping it there since it’s still fragile compared to other smartphones.

Of course, one has to deal with cameras that are good instead of excellent. And don’t even think of using a stylus. Still, the Z Fold2 is a major technological achievement for 2020, but be prepared to pay $2000.

Surface Go 2

The new Surface Go 2 has a slightly larger screen than original 2018 version.

The Surface Go 2, at least the version with the Core m3 processor, is the ultimate portable workstation. It has a very nice 10.5-inch screen, smaller bezels than the original Go, and it can meet almost all of your computing needs. Its inking capabilities are also very good.

Using Photoshop on the go has been very productive, and I’ve been able to do some video editing on it as well. The $649 price tag (on sale for as much as $100 cheaper at many places) veers into laptop category, but the portability combined with power make the Go 2 well worth its price.

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