BeoPlay H7 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Provide Warm And Crisp Sound

The BeoPlay H7 Wireless are almost perfect Bluetooth headphones.

Some audiophiles stay away from Bluetooth headphones because the sound, technically, is compressed. However, Bluetooth audio has come a long way and Bang & Olufson proves this with the H7 headphones.

The H7 are supposed to be the “cheaper” version of the BeoPlay H8 headphones, which were negatively reviewed here last August. Unfortunately, these headphones provided compressed unnatural bass that was made worse when noise cancellation was turned on. The H7 actually sound noticeably better than the H8 headphones and are more worth the price, even without noise cancellation.

The BeoPlay H7 have a very sturdy build quality.

The most noticeable thing about the H7 headphones after taking them out of the box is how well they are built. They actually look like something that’s worth $450. When you put them around your head, they have a loose fit. The ear pads are so plush that you don’t even realize they are on. The design is almost perfect. The only problem one may have is that the headphones can slide off easily when doing bench presses at the gym.

However, the best thing about the H7 is the sound. As one who listens to a lot of EDM, the BeoPlay H7 headphones offer the most robust sound I have tested on Bluetooth headphones. The upper range of sound is crisp and the mid range is slightly flat. However, it’s the lower end of the sound range that is the star of the H7 headphones; it provides bass that is warm and thumping at the same time. The bass doesn’t kick your ears like it does with the Beats Studio Wireless phones. It makes its presence known, but in a warm and welcoming way.

The battery life on the H7 is also outstanding. Bang & Olufsen claim one can get around 20 hours of rechargeable juice with these and I think they are actually underestimating. I’ve measured a full 22 hours, even though I didn’t actually use the H7 for that much at one time.

The only real downside of the H7 headphones is voice call quality, which isn’t great for headphones at this price range. While the Sennheiser M2 Wireless as well as the Bowers & Wilkins P5 offer two mics (one to cancel out the background noise), the H7 only offers one. It’s actually okay to use, but just expect to be frustrated if you are walking on a busy street and trying to make a call.

The fact that the BeoPlay H7 headphones don’t fold up is quite annoying as well, especially since the case included in the box is not adequate. Still, the pluses easily outweigh the negatives on the BeoPlay H7 Wireless Headphones and for an expensive $449, you get what many would consider the best sounding audio on wireless headphones to date.

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