Be Careful Before You Upgrade To iOS 9 Beta

Be careful before you upgrade to the public Beta version of iOS 9

This article is not, whatsoever, a knock on Apple or iOS 9. Apple specifically warned users that if they choose to upgrade to iOS 9 Beta, they should back up their whole iPhone. They said that there may be things that won’t work — that’s the nature of a Beta product.

I usually take up Beta versions of software and have had good luck doing so. The Beta (or Preview Version as Microsoft refers to it) of Windows 10 has been excellent since April. Unfortunately, iOS 9 has been an absolute nightmare for me.

I am a fan of Bluetooth headsets as you can tell by all of my reviews. Unfortunately, at least with the Sennheiser and Bowers & Wilkins headphones, I have experienced a bunch of Bluetooth disconnects. The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless already has Bluetooth connection issues — but these problems are supposed to make the sound stutter and fade, not completely disconnect. The Bowers & Wilkins have worked great on my other devices, but have disconnected every so often when using the iPhone and iOS Beta 9.

The official version of iOS 9 will be available in September.

Then, there are the phone calls. Every time I make a call with a Bluetooth headset and hang up, the phone freezes. I then have to do a complete soft reset to use the phone again. I have been carrying earbuds in my pocket in order to make phone calls when I need to. It’s anything but convenient.

There are a lot of other bugs as well: The gyroscope doesn’t respond right away, there is a long delay in launching the camera, and cloud integration is iffy. But, this isn’t something I really should complain about, especially since Apple warned me.

iOS 9 promises to be a robust operating system once the kinks are worked out. The first thing I noticed is the Maps program is a lot easier to use: You don’t have to go through 4 or 5 steps before getting step-by-step voice directions to your location. I love that the Notes App finally lets you organize your notes in different folders. I also like the “Find My iPhone” feature for when I put my 6 Plus down and completely lose track of where I put it.

The best part about iOS 9 is battery life — it is noticeably better. So far, it has given me at least 30 to 40 minutes more juice than I had with iOS 8. No, it’s not mind-boggling different, but even 15 extra minutes help. I will miss this feature as I am now in the process of factory resetting my iPhone 6 Plus. I am excited about what iOS 9 will offer, but want to wait until all the quirks are worked out.

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