Apple’s iPhone X Plus Could Be A Real Galaxy Note Competitor

Many thought that when Apple released their first “Plus” version of the iPhone in 2014, it would compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note. It did compete, but the iPhone 6 Plus really wasn’t the same type of phone since it didn’t have a stylus.

Apple has allegedly seen the light. CNET has the news.

“‘Who wants a stylus? Steve Jobs famously asked when he unveiled the original iPhone in 2007, implying that the answer was ‘no one.’ Now, 11 years later, analysts believe that a new iPhone may work with a stylus anyway.”

The article adds that instead of using the Apple Pencil, Apple will make an “iPen,” but don’t expect it to be included with the the iPhone X Plus. Apple has (allegedly) accepted the fact that people want a stylus to use with their smartphone. Continuously high sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note over the years has shown this.

An iPhone X with a stylus would increase sales.

Apple could take things further than Samsung has if we look at the Apple Pencil and its use with the iPad Pro 10.5. Although the Samsung S Pen works great with the Galaxy Note 8, the iPad Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate and there is no lag when writing. The Apple Pencil also feels more natural than any other stylus. It may cost an extra $100, but it’s worth it. Then again, the Apple Pencil is also much larger than it needs to be.

But accuracy is more important than size. If you use Microsoft OneNote on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you’ll notice some slight latency that could get annoying. OneNote allows you to write and draw, but it doesn’t feel “real” on the Note 8. The same can’t be said about using OneNote on the iPad Pro. Once you use it, you’ll want to throw all your physical notebooks and pens away.

The Apple Pencil is the best stylus on the market.

If Apple can deliver the same stylus experience they do on the iPad Pro to the iPhone X Plus, then Samsung may see their Galaxy Note sales drastically decrease. One of the main reasons people purchase the Note over the iPhone is because of the stylus. Many don’t like Android, and would rather use iOS.

The iPhone X Plus is predicted to be available in early fall. We’ll know more about it in the next couple of months. For now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still the best (sort of) pocketable note-taking device around. But that may not be for much longer.

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