Apple’s AirPods Are Already Getting Complaints

I did a hands-on review of the AirPods ten days ago, and my review was very mixed. However, I received the AirPods as a Christmas gift and I am far more satisfied with them then I was during my brief demo. I found the sound to be a lot fuller. Perhaps they were in my ears better. But the one noticeable thing is that there is a presence of bass.

The AirPods will not replace your $350 Bose headphones, but they aren’t intended to. However, the AirPods represent the best overall wireless experience you can get right now, including ease of use, phone quality, and pairing. They are the jack of all trades. But just as it is with every Apple product, people have already found problems.

The main issue seems to be battery drain. As MacRumors reports, some users are complaining that the charging case that comes with the pods isn’t holding the 24-hour charge that Apple promised. After one puts the AirPods back in the charging case (which looks just like dental floss), it should theoretically hold a charge after the AirPods are completely charged. But that hasn’t been happening.

Is the AirPods charger battery leak really a major problem?

I am noticing quite a bit of charger leak myself, but I don’t think it is really an issue. For example, I charged my buds with the charger until they were both at 100 percent this morning. I used the buds for almost five hours, and when I went to put them back, the charger had 87 percent battery life left. One of the things that could be causing the leak is opening the charger too many times. Each time you open the charger, it appears to make a Bluetooth connection with your phone, even though it doesn’t display as a Bluetooth connection.

A thread on Reddit¬†shows users having to recharge their charger every two or three days. To be honest, that isn’t bad — at all. However, it would have been great for Apple to include a switch to turn the charger on or off. I can almost guarantee you that Apple will have this in the next version.

I have been running, jumping, and lifting weights with the AirPods, and they haven’t even come close to falling out. The only time they did was when I changed my shirt at the gym. Still, according to Yahoo, Apple plans to include a mechanical mechanism that wraps around the user’s ear. Even without the mechanism, Apple has still hit a home run with the first release of the AirPods.

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