Apple Watch 4 Image Leaked

9to5Mac posted an image of the Apple Watch 4 that appears to be legit. The new watch is scheduled to be announced on September 12, the same day three new iPhones are announced. The Watch 4 certainly looks like, at least in terms of design, it will be a decent upgrade.

The new Watch features smaller bezels for a larger screen. There’s also a new hole below the Digital Crown, and some think it’s just another microphone. Perhaps it’s for stereo sound? The Digital Crown has a red outline rather than a full red dot. The new Watch will also have different faces.

Click to play in YouTube.

I predicted that the Apple Watch would take off, even though it took two years. Here’s what I said back in 2015.

“I initially bought the Apple Watch with plans to return it. I didn’t think I would ever find it so useful….However, it’s one that has helped me so much with so many things. In fact, I forgot to charge the battery on Monday night and decided to leave the Apple Watch at home. Unfortunately, I had withdraw symptoms.”

Luckily, the Apple Watch now provides twice the battery life and twice the speed, even though the initial speed wasn’t bad. And I still feel incomplete when I forget my Watch for the day, which only happens rarely.

These days, I see a lot of people wearing the Apple Watch. I think the fact that the third version offered cellular service really helped sales last year. However, I have cancelled my Watch cellular service because I realized I didn’t need it; my iPhone is with me everywhere I go and transfers information to the Watch faster than cellular service does.

Apple has done a great job with the Watch, but I’m hoping that we’ll get better apps in the future. I’m talking about apps that aren’t completely dependent on the iPhone. I would also like an “Always On” display — the type that Samsung puts on their devices. There are still times when I flick my wrist towards my eyes and the Watch doesn’t light up. Having the display show the time only, especially if it is at low brightness, won’t take up a huge amount of battery life.

But I’m really struggling to come up with ways to improve the Apple Watch, and that shows you how good it is. Of course, Apple can always make a wrist device that is larger and allows you to do everything you can on a smartphone. But that would also defeat the purpose of the Apple Watch, which is perhaps the most groundbreaking technical device of the past three years.


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