Apple Store Has Best Retail Employees

Apple Store employees are always enthusiastic.

There is no question about it—Apple Store has the best employees out of any retail business. No other retail store trains their employees so well in terms of product knowledge, customer service, and showing their pride to their customers.

I’ll give a typical example of an Apple Store experience that occurred last week. I had an iPod Touch that I purchased in 2013 that completely stopped working. I was seeing how much it would cost to get it fixed. If the cost was above $50, then it certainly wasn’t worth it.

Miguel, the employee who helped me, brought me to the Genius Bar, even though I didn’t have an appointment. He took my iPod Touch into a dark room. Was he doing some type of magic trick? It was more than likely he would come back to tell me the price of getting the iPod Touch fixed was huge.  Instead, he came out with a brand new iPod Touch. Unlike the defective one I had, the new one had a camera (not that I would use it much). I was actually quite shocked. He had a huge smile on his face because he saw how happy I was. And my being happy made him happy. Miguel, like other Apple Store employees, has such pride from working for Apple.

Retail Heaven

I knew it was a far shot, but I thought I would ask Miguel about the alleged iPad Pro. He didn’t confirm anything, but was able to tell me all the rumors surrounding the iPad Pro: the 12-inch screen, the stylus, the fact it might not even be called the iPad Pro, and its alleged second quarter release date this year. His face had an excited expression as he talked about the upcoming iPad. He really cared! Miguel, like the rest of us who shop at the Apple Store, was a technology fanatic.

My favorite time of the year at the Apple Store is the day the new iPhones arrive. Even though employees are stressed out, they don’t show it. When they open the doors, the whole store claps. One can see all the smiles on the Apple Store employee faces as each person walks up to the counter to purchase their new iPhone. By the end of the day, Apple Store employees probably lock themselves in the back and scream in frustration at crazy customers. However, they always show a happy face to hide whatever frustrations they may have.

Even if you have nothing to purchase, the Apple Store is the best place to hang out at when you go to the mall. It’s a place of positive energy that feeds from employees to customers. It’s safe to say that the Apple Store is as close to Retail Heaven as you’ll ever get.

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Daryl Deino has been a technology enthusiast since 1995 and has written for several newspapers and technology sites. Please reach him at [email protected]
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