Android Vs. iOS: Is Apple’s Mobile Operating System Really Better?

I’ve written several times in this blog how I wish there were a device with hardware by Samsung and software by Apple. I always thought Apple’s operating system was just smoother. As with everything Apple, “It just works.”

But after using the Samsung Galaxy S20+ for the past week (full review coming in the next couple days, I promise), I’m starting to change my mind. It all started when I wanted to make custom ringtones and custom alarms. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to do this with Android. I used the app GarageBand to create ringtones for the iPhone, and even that didn’t work smoothly.

The Galaxy S20+ and Android 10 work very well together.

I also love how much more customizable Android is. I love all the widgets that can be created as well as the screen backgrounds. And you can set your own default apps on Android for emailing, surfing the internet, maps, and so on. Speaking of maps, Google Maps on Android devices is a much better GPS solution than Apple’s struggling Maps app.

Then, there is the digital assistant. While Siri is good for basic tasks such as setting up appointments, choosing a song, etc., she’s nothing like Google Assistant, who not only listens to you, but reads your mind as well. She also understands your voice better and can do a lot of things Siri can’t. No offense, Siri, but you still need a little bit of work.

Steam Link is available on Android but not iOS.

Then, there are the apps. You have to hand it to Apple for having a strict hold on what they allow in the App Store; most of the applications work very well. But Google Play allows many third-party apps that wouldn’t be allowed on iOS. One is Steam Link, an app that lets you play some desktop games from your Steam collection on your mobile phone.

My favorite for Android is EasyTether, an app that lets you share your internet connection from your smartphone or laptop without eating up any data from your mobile hotspot allowance. Every time a tethering app appears on iOS, it’s gone within a couple of days. 

To be truthful, it’s not always sunny in Android land. For one thing, the iOS keyboard is smoother than any keyboard app in Android, though not by much. And in iOS, your notifications can pop right out on your screen no matter what app you are using. With Android, you have to swipe down to see the actual notifications, unless your screen is locked.

Still, it’s fascinating to see how far Android has come in the past ten years. Android 10 is almost as easy to use as iOS 13 is on the iPhone. Perhaps we’ll see Android completely outperform iOS within the next couple of years.

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