Android Versus Symbian – Selling Cell Phones To An Advancing Market Of Technology

Whenever a new cell phone is introduced in the market, irrespective of its operating system, cell phone users flock in large numbers to get their hands on it. The vast variety of games, applications, and faster and more accessible processer of the new cell phone attracts cell phone users who usually throw away the old phones as soon as the new one hits the market.

I prefer a brand that offers Android and Symbian cell phones for reasonable prices. Android cell phones have managed to give competition to the market of Symbian operating cell phones as they are more reliable, tech-savvy and give users more applications to enjoy when they are bored. There is still a problem though. When I want to sell my Android phone after using it for a long time, the resale prices terribly decline and I am left with no other choice but to throw it away. It becomes really difficult selling cell phones to a market where the priorities and technicalities of cell phones are changing on a daily basis.

The war between Android and Symbian cell phones is still raging on. While Android dominates the smart phone market, Symbian cell phones are not lagging behind in upgrading their systems and applications.

Sometimes, it becomes a difficult task for users selling cell phones to some company or an individual to get a good price for their used Android or Symbian cell phones. It is highly advisable for users to choose a cell phone that can be upgraded to an improved processor while maintaining its quality. Several brands in the market like Nokia and Samsung are engaged day and night in introducing state-of-the-art technology for their cell phones. It is somehow always easier selling cell phones that carry a good brand name than those that are bought from a low-profile technology corporation.

Android cell phones are deemed to be faster with good quality and sound option than the Symbian cell phones. While Symbian cell phones are more user-friendly with their simplistic options and easy-to-use applications, Android challenges its users to test their skills in the field of advanced technology.

Symbian cell phones can get easy cash when it comes to selling used cell phones to users or a company whereas Android needs to be upgraded most of the times to a newer version before its sale and becomes useless if there is no “system update” option available. Thus, it is not an easy task to sell cell phones to a market bombarded with new technology and innovation every now and then. Users need to be smart and think long term when it comes to choosing cell phones. Customers will see for themselves in the future who wins the on-going war: Android or Symbian.

Are you in favor of Android or Symbian cell phones?

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