A few Useful iPhone5 Accessories

Apple iPhone 5 may be the most simplistic one in its design among all the smartphones on the current market. However, there are plenty of iPhone 5 accessories that can enhance your experience. Many iPhone 5 accessories just keep on coming and there are a lot of little extras that can add more spice to the recipe. There is an enormous list of these accessories out in the market. Some allow users to enhance audio and video, others add more life to the iPhone battery. We cover a few useful iPhone 5 accessories you should look for in this article.

EX Hybrid

iPhone5Mod, a Chinese accessories retailer, just announced the EX Hybrid for iPhone 5. It gives the iPhone 5 a physical keyboard and video game controller in the same package, each at only 2mm thick.

User could switch between the video game controller and keyboard which could be snapped to the iPhone 5 with a powerful magnet. The EX Hybrid communicates with the iPhone 5 through Bluetooth 3.0. iPhone5Mod claims 40 hours of active use time for the EX Hybrid, with 160 hours of standby time. Priced at $49.00, EX Hybrid is one of the must-buy iPhone 5 accessories.


It is a pity that you can’t operate your iPhone 5 outdoors during cold winter if you don’t invest in this pair of Agloves.

Agloves are designed in a way that allows you to operate the touchscreen even while wearing the gloves. That’s an excellent choice if you want to keep your hands warm and operate the iPhone without interruption. They aren’t the chicest and probably not the warmest, but it’s certainly better than taking off a glove every time you want to make a call. Priced at under $20, it is a best deal for iPhone users in this winter.

Spigen Stylus

Though the iPhone touchscreen is designed for finger, there is no reason why you can’t use stylus. The Kuel H14 from Spigen is one of the best styluses for the iPhone 5. It is quite big, but it is very comfortable to hold and pretty durable. Also, it comes in a range of colors and you get a replacement tip. The price of a piece is $17 only.

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