4K TVs Are Cheaper Than Ever, But Where’s The Content?

If you have been holding off on buying a 4K television set, now may be the time to finally take the plunge. My personal recommendation would be a Samsung 4K set since Samsung’s sets offer the most vibrant colors and best contrast ratios. Other people may suggest an LG set. Whatever brand you choose, you can safely make the jump now without spending thousands of dollars.

You can buy a 40-inch Samsung Smart 4K TV at Best Buy for $599, and it has received excellent reviews. A 50-inch 4K TV from Samsung costs $749. If you want to go for a less popular brand, such as VIZIO, you can find a 55-inch 4K TV for under $600. The price of 4K television sets right now are where HD sets were five years ago. Why not take the plunge?

Well, sadly, there may be one valid ¬†reason not to take the plunge just yet — the lack of 4K content. Netflix offers 4K streaming services for a limited selection of movies and shows, but you must have a very fast internet connection for it to work in order to avoid a bunch of stuttering images. 4K Blu-ray players are starting to become mainstream, but there are still a limited amount of titles available.

Netflix has a limited amount of 4K titles.

It’s important to note that regular television still isn’t in 4K yet. HD has been the standard for most programming for the past ten years. And the new television set you buy may not be ready for this.¬†ATSC 3.0, which will enable broadcasters to deliver regular TV in 4K, will only be able on ATSC 3.0 television sets whether the one you own is 4K or not.

However, there are some valid reasons why you would want to buy a 4K TV today. Most of today’s smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7, shoot video in 4K. On many 4K television sets, one can put their videos on an external drive, plug the drive into the 4K TV, and watch their videos in their Ultra HD glory. If you have seen home 4K videos on a television set, you know how good they look.

There are still some people who say they can’t tell a difference between HD videos and 4K videos. Perhaps the videos these people watching aren’t in 4K or they aren’t being displayed in 4K, because there is a noticeable difference. 4K is more immersive than 3D in many ways.

Unlike 3D, 4K doesn’t require any type of glasses, but it needs just a good pair of eyes. Now, we just need the 4K content.

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